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Independent Living Skills


Routine activities of daily living may seem impossible to an individual who has recently experienced vision loss. In the comfort of a model apartment, instructors teach new methods of doing familiar tasks like cooking, cleaning and identifying money by folding and marking.

Recreational Program


Clients gather on Tuesdays for arts and crafts, to eat lunch and socialize together. With the support of volunteers, clients use their artistic talents to create beautiful ceramics, glass mosaic garden stones, baskets, afghans and more. Following a delicious hot lunch, there is entertainment including storytellers, local musical talent and mixer activities. This is a wonderful time to have fun and make new friends.

Computer Technology Training


Tutorial sessions offer instruction in the use of large print and speech programs. Skills learned include basic key - boarding and terminology, creating and printing documents, Internet navigation and e-mail usage. Small classes with computer lab time gives each student with ample opportunity for comprehensive computer training.

Low Vision Evaluation & Aids

When vision needs are no longer met with ordinary eyeglasses, eye care professionals can refer an evaluation to assess the degree of low vision and encourage the use of visual aids.

High-magnification reading glasses
Hand-held and stand magnifiers
Electronic magnification
Telescopic and microscopic devices

Also available:
Writing and signature guides
Talking clocks and watches
Bold lined paper
Black felt 20/20 pens
Liquid level devices

Orientation & Mobility Training

Certified Orientation & Mobility specialists instruct clients in safe navigation at home and in the community. Using a long, white cane for tactile recognition, plus paying close attention to clues and landmarks, students gain independence and self-confidence to overcome the isolation that accompanies vision loss.

Braille Instruction

When vision loss occurs, learning to read and write Braille can be enormously helpful. At CBVI, students learn to use Braille for making lists, taking notes, labeling and marking household items, writing letters, and reading books.